Transmission Repair in Greenwood, IN

Transmission Repair in Greenwood, IN and Surrounding Communities

Kenny's Transmission is staffed by trained and certified technicians who have the knowledge to correctly diagnose and fix all types of transmission issues. We specialize in both foreign and domestic transmission services, meaning we can fix any car or truck, no matter the year, make or model. Our goal is to service automatic or manual transmissions so that they function like new when your vehicle leaves our shop. When you need transmission repair in Greenwood or Indianapolis, call Kenny's to schedule free diagnostics.

  • Asian Transmission Repair
  • European Transmission Repair
  • Domestic Transmission Repair
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Manual Transmission
  • CVT Transmission Repair
  • Fleet Vehicle Transmission Service
  • Transmission Maintenance
  • Transmission Leak Repair
  • Clutch Repair
  • Guaranteed Transmission Repairs

Automatic Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair in Greenwood, INAutomatic transmissions are highly sophisticated mechanisms. Our team of professional transmission service technicians have access to the latest diagnostic and repair equipment, ensuring that we are able to pinpoint and fix automatic transmission issues with extreme accuracy. We promise to only fix what's necessary when it comes to automatic transmission repair in Greenwood.

Manual Transmission Repair

While many automakers seem to be phasing out manual transmissions, we understand that some drivers are passionate about the third pedal. We offer expert manual transmission repair in Greenwood, ensuring that you're able to continue driving your beloved stick shift for years to come. If you experience grinding noises, hard shifts or popping out of gear, come see us!

Clutch Repair

Aside from serving the transmission itself, Kenny's Transmission provides quality manual clutch service and repair. Whether you need a simple clutch adjustment or the clutch plate needs to be replaced, we're here to take proper care of your vehicle.

Transmission Maintenance in Greenwood

Transmission Maintenance in Greenwood, INWe provide expert transmission maintenance, just like the dealer would. This service, which is necessary for many automobiles at certain mileage points to ensure that the transmission continues to operate with clean fluid and no leaks. Give Kenny's a call to schedule transmission maintenance when your car is due!

Fleet Vehicles

We offer professional transmission repair and maintenance for all types of fleet vehicles. This includes box trucks, ambulances, taxis, emergency response vehicles and more. We are proud to help local businesses and organizations keep their vehicles on the road and running great. If you need fleet vehicle transmission service in Greenwood, don't hesitate to contact us.

Kenny's Transmission is a top choice for transmission repair in Greenwood thanks to our dedication to quality, honesty and affordability. No matter what your car needs when it comes to the transmission, our team is here to help. Give us a call at (317) 762-0389 to request an estimate or to schedule free transmission diagnostics.

"Whereas I'm not super pleased to be going back to Kenny's...( offense )for another car I own with what I believe to be a transmission issue. At least it is a no brainer on where to bring it to to have trustworthy work done.

We had our transmission for our other car rebuilt here. Time passes entirely too quickly but I think it's been over 4 years now..probably more like 5. She's still going good. If that does not attest to their awesome work......well, what else can you say?

So. Like I said, not happy to be heading back with my newest car but there is a peace of mind knowing someone of their standard will be looking at her. And that whatever work is done will be done correctly w/o bull. Thanks for being a standup place! And most of all thanks for doing stellar work on our van."


"The transmission is my Escalade was dying, quickly. The dealership quoted me between 8 and 10 thousand to replace it. We called Kenny's and he gave me a much more reasonable price and did the work in a short amount of time. They were wonderful to work with and genuinely cared about helping us out. Highly recommend."