Transmission Diagnostics and Maintenance in Greenwood, IN

Transmission Diagnostics in Greenwood, IN and Surrounding Communities

Transmission Diagnostics in Greenwood, INYou wouldn't sign up for heart surgery without a doctor completing thorough diagnostics that eliminated every other course of action, would you? We use that same principle when servicing our customer's cars, because we don't want you paying for any services that are unnecessary. Our technicians are skilled at computer assisted and self diagnosing transmission trouble based on the symptoms that you experience. After completing a deep dive into your troubles, which, at no cost to you could include removing the transmission to identify the problem, we will present you with the best course of action to get you back on the road in a safe and reliable car. Give us a call to request an appointment for free transmission diagnostics in Greenwood, IN, or the surrounding areas.

Free Transmission Diagnostics

We will diagnose your transmission problems for free. After diagnostics are complete our technicians will explain to you the problem with your transmission and ensure you fully understand the work that needs to be done before we begin. We pledge not to remove the transmission from your vehicle in order to complete a diagnosis unless necessary and with your approval. However, unlike other shops, there is no charge to remove the transmission from your vehicle to complete diagnostics if it is deemed necessary. Give us a call or stop by today to receive proper computer assisted and technician inspected diagnostics. We'll identify the problem correctly the first time, ensuring efficient repairs.

Signs of Transmission Trouble

Do you think your vehicle may have transmission problems? Review the list of common signs of transmission trouble and if it is expressing any symptoms, be sure to call us immediately.

  • Engine light illuminates
  • Grinding, knocking, humming, low whine or grating noises as your car shifts
  • Difficult or slow acceleration
  • Car stalls on take-off
  • Shift lever is placed in drive and does not move
  • Shift lever is placed in reverse and does not move
  • Vehicle jerks in park or neutral
  • Transmission fluid leak
  • Early or delayed shifting or unexpected shifts
  • Manual transmission pops out of gear and into neutral
  • Burnt or rancid odor is coming from the hood or beneath the vehicle

Top Signs of Car TroubleTransmission repair can become very costly and time consuming if possible warning signs are ignored. You should always pay careful attention to the sights, sounds and smells of your car; because being able to catch an early warning sign can be the difference between a simple transmission service and a major transmission repair, rebuild or replacement. At the first sign of transmission trouble be sure to visit Kenny's Transmission for expert transmission diagnostics in Greenwood, IN. Give us a call at (317) 762-0389 to make an appointment and thank you for choosing a locally owned business!

"Loved this place. They checked the transmission, Kenny told me it wasn't the problem, they told me what they that was wrong and recommend a place I could go. Thank u foe not taking advantage of a women. IMPRESSIVE."

"The transmission is my Escalade was dying, quickly. The dealership quoted me between 8 and 10 thousand to replace it. We called Kenny's and he gave me a much more reasonable price and did the work in a short amount of time. They were wonderful to work with and genuinely cared about helping us out. Highly recommend."