Watch Out for these 6 Signs of a Transmission Problem

Watch Out for these 6 Signs of a Transmission Problem

Watch Out for these 6 Signs of a Transmission ProblemSeemingly small transmission issues can significantly worsen over the course of just a few miles. This makes it very important that you get to the shop at the first sign of a transmission problem. By being proactive, you could potentially save yourself from exorbitantly expensive repairs. Here's a look at six symptoms of transmission trouble.


Clutch failure can cause grinding in a standard transmission. Grinding may also be a result of low transmission fluid.

Difficult to Get into Gear

If the clutch isn't releasing like it should, then you could find yourself struggling to simply put your car in gear.

Slipping Gears

A well-known indication of a transmission problem is that your car pops out of gear while you're cruising down the road. In some cases, this problem can be resolved with a transmission fluid flush. However, with this symptom, there's also a decent chance that your transmission will need more extensive care from a mechanic. When gears slip, you no longer have complete control over your vehicle, creating a safety hazard that should be addressed as soon as possible.

Rough Shifting

If your transmission is operating with worn-out parts, then it may start to lunge or shake when you shift.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Every now and again, you'll want to scan over the ground where your vehicle is regularly parked and check for evidence of leaking automotive fluids. Transmission fluid has a reddish color that can differentiate it from other fluids.

Burning Fluid

If your transmission fluid smells burnt or appears noticeably dark, then you'll want to bring your vehicle to a transmission expert who can identify the underlying issue.

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Posted: September 11, 2020

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