What are the important parts of an automatic transmission?

What are the important parts of an automatic transmission?

What are the important parts of an automatic transmission?Transmissions are highly intricate mechanisms that are made up of many interworking parts. These parts must work together correctly to ensure that power is properly transferred. If you suspect a transmission problem, you'll want to promptly take action to address it. Seemingly minor transmission issues can rapidly worsen and necessitate in-depth repairs. By acting quickly, you can potentially nip the problem in the bud and save yourself from a major expense. Here's a look at the important parts of an automatic transmission.


Nearly all aspects of an automatic transmission are controlled by fluid pressure. The pump plays a central role in generating the necessary pressure as it pulls transmission fluid from the filter and sends it to other transmission components.

Planetary Gear Set

Your planetary gear set is made up of planet gears, a sun gear, and a ring gear. The planetary gear set dictates gear ratios. The proper function of all transmission components is dependent on the planetary gear set.

Transmission Fluid

To keep your transmission healthy, you'll want to always drive with the right level of automatic transmission fluid. This fluid can become contaminated with pollutants, which makes it important to exchange it at the mileage intervals called for by your owner's manual.

Torque Converter

Your torque converters are hydraulic fluid couplings that connect the engine and transmission. These converters are essential to creating the torque that your vehicle needs to be able to accelerate, as well as stay in gear while stopped.

Clutches & Bands

Clutches and bands make sure that your gears can effectively rotate, engage, and disengage.

Speed Sensors

Transmission speed sensors calculate the transmission's actual gear ratio while it's in use. This calculation ultimately helps to determine which gear the car should be in.

Valve Body

Within the valve body are numerous passageways through which pressurized transmission fluid is directed to different valves.

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Posted: October 11, 2020

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