6 Bad Habits that Can Ruin Your Transmission

6 Bad Habits that Can Ruin Your Transmission

6 Bad Habits that Can Ruin Your TransmissionYour vehicle's transmission is a deeply intricate mechanism that needs to be properly maintained. Because seemingly small transmission issues can quickly get worse, you'll want to get to the shop as soon as a sign of trouble emerges. If you're harsh on your transmission, it's much more likely to develop problems, which can necessitate very expensive repairs. Here's a look at bad driving habits that can destroy your transmission.

Delay Transmission Maintenance

By failing to complete routine transmission maintenance, a number of issues could arise. Without proper care, there could be a drastic increase in friction between moving parts. This can wear down parts to the extent that significant repairs are needed.

Slam You Brakes

When you hit your brakes hard, transmission mounts can suffer damage, which then poses a safety hazard.

Never Use Parking Brake

Especially if you're on a hill, if you don't use your parking brake, it can put immense stress on your transmission as it tries to hold your vehicle in place.

Pound the Gas Pedal

Stomping on the accelerator can harm a variety of driveline parts, including your transmission. Your transmission may overheat if it is not given the chance to sufficiently cool down after creating excessive torque.

Don't Stop Before Shifting from Drive to Reverse

You'll put your transmission at greater risk of failure if you repeatedly shift between reverse and a forward gear without stopping.

Never Check Transmission Fluid

It's important to regularly check your transmission fluid to make sure that it's kept at a proper level and doesn't smell or appear burnt.

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Posted: August 12, 2020

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