4 Interesting Facts about Transmissions

4 Interesting Facts about Transmissions

4 Interesting Facts about TransmissionsTransmissions do the crucial job of transferring power from the engine to the drive wheels. These highly intricate mechanisms have had a long and interesting history. On the earliest automobiles, there were manual transmissions that had just two forward gears and one reverse gear, which were coupled to the engine through pedals. These days, computers largely govern transmission operation. At Kenny's Transmission, we specialize in repairing transmission trouble. We're also automotive enthusiasts who enjoy learning new things about our industry. Here are four interesting facts about transmissions.

Automatic Transmissions Became Widely Available in 1939

Though the first car was made in 1886, it wasn't until more than a half-century later that a car with an automatic transmission became available to the masses. In 1939, GM sold its HydraMatic gearbox in Cadillac and Oldsmobile models, making it the first widely-available automatic-style transmission.

The Preselector Gearbox

There used to be a common type of transmission called the "preselect." With the preselector gearbox, drivers would choose what gear they wanted to shift to before they actually engaged the clutch pedal. Then, upon engaging the clutch, the vehicle would shift to the desired gear. The preselect transmission was quite common in the 1930s to 1950s.

Automatics Can Now Get Better MPGs than Manuals

In decades past, it was well-understood that manual transmissions would get better gas mileage than automatics. However, automatic transmission technology has now evolved to the extent that automatics regularly achieve the same or better fuel-efficiency as the same models that feature manual transmissions.

The U.K. Requires Certification for Manual Transmissions

In the U.K., drivers who passed their test in an automatic transmission vehicle have to get a separate certification if they want to start driving a manual. Though if you pass your driver's test in a stick shift, you are permitted to operate automatics.

Transmission Service in Greenwood, IN

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Posted: November 2021

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