Expert Transmission Service in Greenwood, IN

Expert Transmission Service in Greenwood, IN

Expert Transmission Service in Greenwood, INBecause minor transmission issues can quickly escalate to the point that major repairs are needed, it's important to get to the shop at the first sign of trouble in this department. When deciding where to bring your vehicle for transmission repairs, it's best to choose a shop that offers particular expertise in such work. Here's a look at four transmission services provided by a reputable mechanic in Greenwood, IN.

Transmission Repair in Greenwood, IN

There are several signs that suggest your transmission is in need of repair. A classic indication of transmission trouble is that---while you're just cruising smoothly along---your vehicle suddenly jumps out of gear. Another symptom is that it's difficult for you to simply put your car in gear. Leaking transmission fluid is another sign of trouble. This fluid can often be identified by its reddish color.

Transmission Maintenance

While a general guideline is that transmission maintenance should be done every 20,000 miles, you can check to see what is recommended for your particular vehicle. By staying current with your transmission maintenance, you can make sure that you're driving with clean fluid and no leaks. Preventative maintenance will help to maximize your transmission's lifespan and optimize vehicle performance.

Transmission Fluid Flush

Dirty and/or burnt transmission fluid can result in the need for costly repairs. Typically, vehicles that have standard transmissions should have this fluid flushed at some point between 30,000 and 60,000 miles, depending on the particular model.

Transmission Rebuilds & Replacements in Greenwood, IN

When major transmission problems are present, the estimated repair costs could end up being higher than the actual value of the transmission. In such a scenario, it could make more sense to go with a replacement.

If you need transmission service, be sure to visit a reputable specialist. For transmission repair and maintenance in Indianapolis, Southport, Whiteland, Camby, and Greenwood, IN, contact the experts at Kenny's Transmission at (317) 762-0389. Feel free to give Kenny's Transmission a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your transmission repair or maintenance needs!

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Posted: May 10, 2020

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