Common Symptoms of an Automatic Transmission Problem

Common Symptoms of an Automatic Transmission Problem

Common Symptoms of an Automatic Transmission ProblemBecause transmission problems can quickly escalate, it's important to get to the shop when you first notice a sign of trouble with your automatic transmission. If you ignore the symptom, the issue could soon worsen to the point that you need extremely expensive repairs. At Kenny's Transmission, we have extensive experience with automatic transmission repair in the greater Indianapolis area. Here's a look at five signs of automatic transmission trouble.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid provides lubrication, fluid pressure, cooling, and rust prevention, so it's very important that you're driving with the right amount. As soon as you suspect an automatic transmission fluid leak, you'll want to get to the shop. One sign of a transmission fluid leak is that there's reddish-colored fluid on the ground where you've been parked. Another sign is that your transmission dipstick shows a worryingly low reading.

Bump in the Downshift

A problem related to transmission fluid can cause a bump when your automatic transmission downshifts.

Delays in Shifting

Another sign of a problem related to transmission fluid is that, when you try to shift between park and drive, your car revs up instead of promptly shifting. This type of issue could also occur at high speeds, which could create a perilous situation if you're trying to merge onto the interstate.

Whining Sound

If there's a problem with your torque converter, then you may hear a whining noise when your automatic transmission shifts. If you notice this symptom, then you'll want to visit the shop for transmission service.

Shifts Erratically

If your automatic transmission is shifting errantly, then you could have a problem with the computer. Unpredictable shifting can pose a safety hazard, and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Transmission Service in Greenwood, IN

When you need transmission service in Greenwood, IN and the surrounding area, contact Kenny's Transmission at (317) 762-0389. At our nearby transmission shop, we can expertly address any of your transmission repair or maintenance needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Posted: April 2022

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